About Legacy Excavating Ltd

Legacy Excavating Ltd is an owner-operator-based excavation company providing top-quality services for residential and commercial sites. We have been a part of the excavation and surface grading industries for over 35 years. Every job we do is guaranteed with professional workmanship and clean worksites. We use well-serviced and well-maintained equipment to offer the best productive work possible.

We follow and strictly implement a safety policy for working in places such as infills and irregular trenches. We take extra care for the safety of our workers and the surrounding neighbourhood.

If you are looking for a reputable, local option for your next excavation project in Edmonton and surrounding areas, contact Legacy Excavating Ltd today.

Our Services

You can count on us for the following services:


Excavation is our specialty. We undertake residential and commercial excavation projects of all sizes. All our excavation services are on grade guaranteed. The range of services we offer includes:

    • Basement excavation
    • Backfilling
    • Trenching for utility installation
    • Power trenching
    • Septic and cistern tank excavation
    • Water/sewer installation and repair

Infills and Demolition

Legacy Excavating Ltd offers safe and efficient demolition services for residential and small commercial projects. We are fully equipped to take on jobs involving the breaking of concrete and hauling it off-site.

Your property is thoroughly inspected for potential hazards such as trees or existing utility lines, and the demolition process is carried out in a timely manner as smoothly as possible. We are committed to getting your site quickly ready for the next stage of development.


As a part of our quality control measures for residential, commercial, and industrial projects, we offer professional finish grading services. Finish grading provides a solid foundation for your construction project by strengthening the soil at the base. To ensure that your site is strong, smooth, and levelled enough to work on, our operators start with the full measuring of the foundation and develop a grading plan for your project. The grading plan will include elevation planning for the bottom of footing depth and piping for water/sewer elevation and location.

We understand the importance of grading and elevations to your project, and we have the expertise and state-of-the-art grading equipment to get it done right the first time. Contact Legacy Excavating Ltd.


Legacy Excavating Ltd
Serving Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

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Service Area

Edmonton and Surroundings up to 60km radius:

  • St. Albert
  • Leduc