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Before beginning any excavation project, it is important to assess crucial factors like soil stability and building structure to prevent future problems like sagging. This is why; our team at Legacy Excavating Ltd employs advanced equipment and machines to complete the project safely and within a short period of time. Contact us to benefit from our no-obligation, free estimate. Take a look at the complete list of our excavation services in Edmonton:

Basement Excavation

Basement forms one of the primary supports for any building. Hence, basement excavation requires skilled and careful digging. At Legacy Excavating Ltd, we have perfected our techniques when it comes to digging a basement. We have also worked with other subcontractors and suppliers, hence we bring to you the most affordable and attractive materials. Call us to start planning your basement excavation with us!


If you are worried about the financial stress that comes with creating a basement walkout, let go of your concerns. When you hire us, we make sure to keep your basement excavation costs within budget. Using scoop excavation, we can build a large or small staircase to give you the same benefits as these other homes have.

Garage and Grade Beam

Finding excavating contractors that you trust for garage and grade beam excavation can be difficult. At Legacy Excavating Ltd we do our best to offer everything you need all in one place. Everyone on our team is highly skilled and licensed to handle all your requirements perfectly.

House Additions

At Legacy Excavating Ltd, we start every job with a free assessment of services. Our professionals are highly skilled in all areas of excavation, and with our up-to-date machinery, we are able to work on projects of all sizes. With our no-nonsense approach to excavation, you can rely on us for all your house addition requirements that require excavation.

Driveway Preparation

Whether you are looking to construct a driveway or expand the existing one, it’s a good idea to work with a company who understands everything about them. At Legacy Excavating Ltd, our dedicated and experienced team has been excavation services for driveways of all kinds. We do everything from demolition to excavation to dirt hauling, for your convenience.

Water/Sewer Installation

For quality water pipe or sewer line installation, you’ll need to employ a team that provides top-notch service without damaging any underground utility installation. With competitive pricing and speed that doesn’t sacrifice quality; Legacy Excavating Ltd is the team that you can turn to. Our experienced team will provide the required solution to handle all your problems.


Legacy Excavating Ltd is a certified water/sewer installation and repair service provider in Alberta. View the Water and Sewer Service Installer Certification List issued by Alberta Municipal Affairs here.

Water/Sewer Repair

If you’re facing sewage backup in your toilet or basement, abnormally high water bills, or excessive water and/or sewage floating up into your yard, you might need a sewer main repair. Contact Legacy Excavating Ltd for the excavation plumbing required to deal with a broken sewer main.

Rainwater Leaders

Legacy Excavating Ltd is the preferred company for handling the excavation required during the installation of rainwater leaders. Place your trust in us and we will find the best solutions for you, even in the case of an emergency.

Lot Grading

Houses and commercial establishments might be at the risk of flooding if proper methods are not followed during the lot grading process. Combining our knowledge and extensive experience, we offer quick and efficient services. When you employ our licensed and bonded excavation contractors, be assured to get the perfect solution.


Backfill is more than just digging a hole and filling it. With our extensive fleet of machinery and industry knowledge, we know exactly how to handle your requirements in an efficient manner. Whether you need to dig for a pool, or have one filled in, or require garden excavation, we have the right machine for the task.

Power/Utility Installation

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing you with quality power/utility installation services. We have the right equipment for every task.

Expert Diagnosis

Diagnosis is the first step of any excavation job. We employ the latest technology to assess any site thoroughly to offer quality results at the first go.


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